In Jun 29, 2010 the US Army issued a Sources Sought Notice for a new camouflage pattern, they are abandoning the idea of a single univeral pattern in light of UCP's shortcomings but are still looking for looking for a single pattern with a geometry calibrated to "global operating environments" but this time they want the pattern in four different colorways: a woodland color palette, a desert palette and a "transitional" palette with the fourth for personal equipment (such as body armor, ammo pouches and rucksacks) that has a color palette that has been matched to the other three (refered to as a Family of (camo) Patterns or FOP).
The Army will release the solicitation on 15 Jan 2011 and interested parties have 45 days to submit their designs. The Army will then down select to three vendor submissions. The three FOP's will then be tested against two of the Army's own FOP's  then they will all be tested against a baseline of existing patterns: OCP (MultiCam), MARPAT Woodland and Desert and AOR 1 and 2.
There has been a lot of controversy over how and why UCP was selected considering it's poor performance so this time the Army will be conducting possibly the most comprehensive camouflage evaluation and selection test ever attempted.
The similarities between the Army's solicitaion and development of FEAR CAMO has not gone unnoticed by us so we have developed a line-up in response and will be submitting the designs when the solicitation is released.